Our Weekend so far…

It’s Saturday night and Brian is out cat fishing. Adam is fast asleep and I am refusing to fold the 4 loads of laundry staring at me from the baskets. We have had a pretty nice weekend so far!

Yesterday we hit the Pancake House for breakfast. This has pretty much become a weekly ritual for us. After breakfast, Brian went to help some friends move into their new house so Adam and I ran some errands. Brian got home after Adam’s nap, so we grabbed the boat and were off to the river! We needed to fill the boat up with gas on the way.

While at the gas station, I went inside the store to use the restroom and when I came out, I saw Brian trying to open the doors of the truck and shaking his head. I knew instantly what had happened….Adam and Jack were locked inside the truck! Luckily the truck was running, so they wouldn’t roast. Also lucky was the fact that we were at the gas station just down the road from our house, so Brian was able to ask someone for a ride up to our house to grab the spare set of keys and I hung out with truck and made faces at Adam. It wasn’t long before Brian was back and we were off again to the river! (This situation could have been SO MUCH worse!)

We put the boat on the river in Carver and started cruising. We went all the way to the airport!! We saw lots of things on the way but mostly we just enjoyed the beautiful day. We anchored the boat in the shade by the airport and ate the supper we packed. Planes were flying by pretty low, so that kept us entertained. Then it was time to head back, so off we went. Adam was getting tired so he cuddled up in my lap. He realized he was starting to fall asleep, so he sat straight up and started looking around again. Silly guy! We made it home, got cleaned up and tucked Adam in.

This morning, Brian figured he needed to stock his live bait tank so we went on a bullhead hunt. He knows of a great spot where he can just scoop up the bullheads with his net and put ’em in the bucket. A few scoops and we were done! Adam thought it was pretty fun to help Daddy get the bullheads out of the net and into the bucket. He also got to help move the bullheads from the bucket into the bait tank. I always find it disgusting to have live bullheads swimming around in my house (Yes, they’re in the basement in a separate room with the door shut, but still!) but Brian and Adam find it quite entertaining. Ah, boys!

Brian is off trying to catch some huge, nasty cat fish and I’m wondering why I’m not in bed. I’ll put up a couple pics, then call it day!

Here is Adam sitting like a big boy in his own seat on the boat. We didn’t let him do this for long because we kept hitting waves from other boats:

And here are the boys getting the bullheads out of the net:

And into the tank:

This is just a cute one of Adam and Baby. Adam is showing Baby some stuff on the computer! So sweet!

That’s it for now! Have a good night!

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The Big 1-0!

Today is May, 27th. Exactly 10 years ago, we were married! It seems like so long ago, but also seems like it was just yesterday. During our 10 years we have both graduated college with 4 year degrees;  Brian earned his Master’s;  we’ve both got wonderful jobs we love; we have a home;  and, of course, Mr. Adam!! We have done some traveling together and experienced the joys and frustrations of home buying/selling. We have welcomed new lives into our families and said good-bye to others.

I remember on our wedding day it rained all day and it was cold! Today was a gorgeous day! We both had to work, but then we all went out for supper and ate a place we hadn’t tried before. We were able to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the beautiful evening. We had a delicious meal and Brian even brought me flowers!

We have built a great life together and we are very proud of that. We’re looking forward to many more years together!

Check us out on our wedding day!

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Make me melt!!

I’m sure you’re thinking I’m talking about the HOT day we had today, but actually I’m talking about Adam!!

He was such a sweetie today. We had been hanging out and he helped me put together a delicious supper. Brian got home and we ate and were all hanging out. Adam came over by me and said, “Mom, I’m so sad!” I tried to get out of him what was making him sad, but he wouldn’t tell me. Instead, he just climbed up into my lap and gave me a big hug and some snuggles. These moments are few and far between with a busy 2 1/2 year old, so I cuddled with my boy and took full advantage of his affections. I love when he gets like this! It lasted only a couple minutes, then he was off and running again.

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Hello Spring!!

We are FINALLY enjoying some beautiful weather!! I was so sick of the rain and cold, so this is a very welcome change! We found a wonderful playset on Craigslist for Adam yesterday! So Brian rounded up a trailer and a couple buddies and they went to pick it up, bring it home, and set it up. Adam loooves it! We spent the afternoon outside swinging and he went on the slide more times than I can count!

Thanks again to Steve and Darren for taking time out of their day to help make our son’s day! He still talks about how you guys helped bring him his swing set!

Here are a couple photos of him playing:

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Better Late than Never!

I realized I never did a Mother’s Day blog! Silly me!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms!! We had a lovely day. We convinced Adam (barely) to take an early nap so we could go to a late brunch. Brian & I & Adam, my parents, Brian’s mom, sisters and families all went out to a place in Chaska. It was pretty yummy! My mom and I had to hit the road so we could make it to St. Paul in time to see Stars on Ice! It was a great show! We have gone together several times and we plan to continue to keep go several more.

Here are the moms at brunch:

My mom, me, Missy, Dora, & Crystal

and here is me with my favorite little man:

Adam gave me a cute card and even wrote “mom” on it! (with a little help from Daddy) He’s such a sweet boy and I feel so lucky to be the Mom of a happy, healthy, wonderful child!

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Rainbow or Caribou first?

Adam and I were deciding how to spend this rainy day. We carried on quite the conversation. We both figured we should go to Caribou and Rainbow (grocery store) but were debating which order to make the stops. Here is how our conversation went:

Adam: Should we go to Caribou?

Me: Sure. We need to go to Rainbow too. Should we go to Rainbow first, then Caribou?

Adam: Don’t you think….we should go to Caribou first? Then to Rainbow?

Me: Ok. (Chuckle) We can go to Caribou first.

Adam: I agree.

Hehe! This just made me laugh. I asked him if he was really only 2 and he laughed and gave me a hug!

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Mexico in March!

As of May 27th of this year, Brian and I will have been married for 10 years! We took a trip to Mexico in March for an early celebration. We went to Cancun last year and we had found a quiet but wonderful hotel. This year, we wanted to go just a little further South, so we found ‘Ocean Coral & Turquesa’ in Puerto Morelos. It was great!

Since it was our anniversary, we felt we deserved a nice room. I really wanted to be able to see the ocean from the room and I wanted a balcony to sit on and stare at it. Boy, did we get what we asked for! We reserved an ocean front 2 room suite.

Here is the view from our room:

Our balcony had a jacuzzi so we would sit in there in the evenings and relax and listen to the ocean.

While we were there, we didn’t want to do much….just sit on the beautiful beach, enjoy some drinks, and relax.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous:

Adam got to hang out with my parents for a few nights and with Dora & Fred for a few nights. He had a blast and was usually too busy to talk to us when we called him! We’re glad we weren’t missed! Thanks again you guys for hanging out with him!

It was a wonderful vacation for us and I’m sure we’ll be back to the area at some point! We’ve been to Mexico several times and have loved it each time!

Here is our last date night of vacation:

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Biggest Loser

In January, a group of about 20 of my coworkers decided to do a ‘Biggest Loser’ challenge at work. We ate less and exercised more. We all kicked in $50 at the start of the challenge. We kept track of our weight loss and the person with the biggest percentage of weight lost won $400. Second place won $300 and 3rd place won $200. I was thrilled to come in second place! I lost 26 1/2 pounds during the 10 week challenge. Right after the challenge was over, Brian and I went to Mexico (more on that later!) and since we’ve been back I’ve been having a hard time getting back at it. I’m doing fairly well with the diet part, but not so well at getting back to exercising. During our challenge I would be on our treadmill 4-5 times a week. Most of the other challenge participants are also having a hard time keeping up with how well they were doing, so we’ve decided to start another challenge! It actually started last Monday and I was a bit of a slacker in the exercise department during the week. I went on the treadmill today for a while and it felt great! Hopefully I can keep it up!! I’ve now lost about 30 pounds and would love to drop another 35 or so. There. If I write it down for people to read, I’ll have to do it! Wish me luck!

And speaking of Biggest Loser…this is the first season that I have watched each episode of the show. It’s so amazing and inspiring! I watch many of the episodes while I’m walking on the treadmill and they give me an extra boost! They yellow team, O’Neal and Sunshine, are such wonderful people and I love them more every week. One of my coworkers is their daughter-in-law/sister-in-law so it is fun to hear from her how they are doing. I’m so excited for the finale to see how it all turns out!

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