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What Winter? Did We Miss It?

It would appear I haven’t written since before Christmas?! Hmmm…..that’s not a very good record.

I think winter is over. Unbelievable. It is now March 18th and I have the AC on in the house! It has been about 80 degrees for the last few days. We had supper outside in shorts and flip flops on St. Patrick’s Day! What?! If it snows again this year, I will cry.

It’s been awesome to be able to get outside and play and go to the park. Adam has been sleeping in like a crazy man (I WOKE him up at 9 this morning!) cuz he’s so exhausted.

It was a pretty wimpy winter. Brian got to do lots of ice fishing, but the ice was never thick enough for him to drive the truck on. Crazy! He also bought a snowmobile at the beginning of the season and only got to use it a few times for fishing. There was never enough snow to just head out for a ride.

Adam also discovered how much he loves ice fishing with his dad! He’s amazingly patient and so good at it!

Adam is also 2 lessons in to his next round of swimming lessons. It’s going better than the last time, but he’s still shy for the first 5 minutes or so. After he warms up, he participates very well! We (mostly Brian) have been taking him swimming at the community center almost every week and he absolutely loves the water and loves swimming. I swear he is part fish!

Brian was expecting to have a busy March/April at work. It has begun. He left for Cedar Rapids on Wednesday and should be home sometime next weekend. Luckily it’s been so nice outside so Adam and I are able to play a lot since I have a bunch of days off from work!

We are also counting down to our next Cancun family vacation! We are going in early May and we will be staying at El Presidente Intercontinental Cancun. It is right next door to the place we’ve stayed at several times so it will have the same fantastic beach we love. We were able to use Brian’s reward points from all his travels, so that helped us decide to try a new hotel! Adam has a ‘countdown’ calendar on the fridge so we cross off a day each day and watch as we get closer to departure day. He’s pretty excited!

I’m almost scared to click “Post” on this entry. I’m sure as soon as I do, it will snow and be 30 degrees again! I apologize in advance if it happens!  😉

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