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Long Weekend in Cancun

Once again, I couldn’t pass up a good deal to our favorite Cancun getaway spot! So Brian and I flew down Thursday the 13th of March. We landed just before 10 AM. Serious record speed through customs/immigration and baggage claim. We found our transfer shuttle and we were off to our hotel! It was raining when our plane landed, but by the time we got to the hotel, the sun was coming out!

We grabbed a spot on the beach, some lunch and some beers and we were officially on vacation!

The rest of Thursday and all of Friday was spent on the beach. Saturday, we went snorkeling in the morning. We took the ferry over to Isla Mujeres.  Brian had prebooked a private snorkel trip for us. This was the way to go! It was just Brian and I along with the boat driver and the tour guide. We stopped at 3 different spots to do some snorkeling. We saw some beautiful fish, eels, lobsters, and 2 huge turtles! It was so cool being on the small private tour. We didn’t have to wait for everyone to get off and on the boat. Plus, the guide pretty much held my hand the whole way and was pointing out all the cool scenery to us.

After snorkeling, it was back to the beach. That is where we spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday. I had a wonderful massage on the beach on Sunday!

We were to go home Monday late afternoon. We sat on the beach a couple more hours. We had to check out by noon, but planned to sit by the pool until our shuttle came to pick us up to go back to the airport. Rain started moving in. We spent the last hour or so in the lobby and out of the rain. It was an absolute downpour on the way to the airport. We arrived a little over 2 hours before our flight was scheduled to take off. In the past, the check-in lines have been ridiculous, so we were ready for the worst lines ever. We were surprised to see there was zero line at the Delta counter and a similar situation at security! Our flight was delayed a bit, so we just hung out. More surprises: we were called up to the counter at our gate and were informed we were being upgraded to first class for the flight home! Fun! We had super comfy seats on the plane, full dinner (although we weren’t hungry cuz we had grabbed a sandwich in the airport cuz we weren’t expecting dinner on the plane), drinks and wonderful service. Brian napped. I read. Great flight.

Another quick trip through US customs/immigration/baggage and we were on our way home. It was so nice to sleep in our own bed and know that the kiddos were there and we’d see them in the morning (it was midnight-ish when we got home).

Overall, it was a great weekend! We had some laughs. beers, sun, naps, good eats, and just some time to reconnect as a couple. We were ready to get home to our kiddos and bed. 🙂

A few photos:

Flying over Cancun

Outside the hotel

This is Miguel! He brought us lots of beers, limes, and lunches.

Dinner date at Hacienda Sisal

Gorgeous view off our balcony!

Amazing beach! Huge with soft white sand and calm, clear blue water! Love it!




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Allison is 1!

On February 25th, Allison turned 1! I have no idea how those 12 months went by so quickly, but they did!! She has zero interest in walking, but crawls around at crazy speed! She loves her brother to pieces and is so entertained by him. When any of us enter the room, she lights up and claps! She is a great sleeper, loves to be out for walks in the stroller or the carrier (when the weather lets us!), and eats like no one has remembered to feed her in several days!


To celebrate, we had a small party a couple days before her birthday. It was us, the grandparents and 3 of her cousins. I made her smash cake and the cake we all ate. We had brunch and it was all delish. She opened many gifts. Thank you so much to friends and family who thought of our girl and sent her gifts! She is a lucky lady!

A few pics from her party:

Allison's party dress!

Birthday cake!

Opening presents and being adorable.


She knew what to do with her cake!

This was the smash cake I made....It did not turn out how I was hoping. My frosting wouldn't spread.


I took Allison in for her 1 year photo shoot. The pictures turned out so great!! She was in a good mood and the photographer worked with her so well! Here are a few…I am posting a bunch of the collage ones just cuz then you can see more of the pics!



So sweet. One of my faves.


I'm ONE!










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