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It’s October?!?!

The calendar says it’s October. Shhhh. Don’t tell Mother Nature! It has been absolutely beautiful weather the last few days! We took advantage of the beautiful day yesterday and went on the boat for some fishing and some cruising. The colors were amazing and it was so great to be out in the warm sunshine!

Sailboat driving by with fall leaves in the background

One of the zillion sun fish Adam caught!

Jack, Adam, & I

Adam caught a huge crappie! He reeled it in all by himself!


More beautiful fall colors!

It was a wonderful afternoon!!


Saturday (10/1) we went to see Barney Live!! It was a great show! We had some awesome seats on the floor level. We made eye contact with Barney and his peeps. They came down onto the floor and danced too. Our seats were also on the aisle and there were a bunch of kids dancing in the aisle. For some reason, we couldn’t convince Adam to go show off his dance moves. In case you haven’t seen them, here is a clip of his mad skills:

Here are a few pics from the show:

Barney arrives!

Barney and his dancer friends

Adam was glued to the show the whole time! He loved it!

Getting toward the end of the show

the end of the "I Love You, You Love Me!" BJ, Baby Bop, Rif, & Barney

After Barney, we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s. We had never been before, so it was fun to play games with Adam and devour some pizza. After all our work at earning piles of tickets, Adam got to pick out a couple squishy lizards.

We had a nice weekend together! Luckily, the warm weather is supposed to continue for a few days! Yay!!

Hubby headed back to Iowa this morning, so Adam and I are hanging out. I have to work a few days this week and all weekend too. We’re starting our new computer system at work tomorrow! Should be interesting, but we’re ready to just get going with it!

Get out and enjoy these lovely fall days!!



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