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Cancun Family Vacation!

We are home from Cancun and it was BEAUTIFUL, of course!

We got up at 3AM last Wednesday to catch our plane outta here. After a quick 4 hour flight,  a record speed trip through customs, baggage claim, and immigration at the airport and we were on the beach by about 11:30.  We ordered up some lunch and beers and we were officially on vacation!

On vacation!

Days 1 & 2 involved laying around on the beach, by the pool, having beers, and just relaxing. We had a great suite that was spacious and comfortable for the 3 of us. Oh yeah, and it had an incredible view. I cannot begin to guess how many times I looked out the window, shook my head, and said, “Geez, I love this! I could stare at that for hours!” Here’s what I’m talking about:

Stunning view!

Friday, we took a trip to Chichen Itza ruins. Over our many trips to Cancun, we keep saying we should get off our lounge chairs and go, but we were just too lazy! I pre-booked this tour before we left home, so there was no turning back. I found us a small, private tour (9 adults instead of a bus load). It was nice to have such a small group. They had a cooler in the van with drinks that included chocolate milk for Adam. They also provided lots of snacks for the long trip there and back.

I knew it was going to be super hot at the ruins, and boy was I right! SO HOT! Adam rode around on Brian’s shoulders for a lot of the tour and I carried an umbrella to shade us while we were in the direct sun. We found shade under trees whenever we could. Our tour leader, Flavio, would always show up at just the right time with more bottles of water for everyone! The tour was interesting, but not something we would need to do again. I believe Brian’s thought was, “What a waste of a day!”

Temple at Chichen Itza

After spending a few hours at the ruins, we went to a cenote to swim. It was beautiful!! And it felt so nice!

Wide angle view of the cenote, or a cave filled in with water. Gorgeous!

Our family swimming in the cenote.



After swimming, we enjoyed a “lunch.” It was about 4 PM though, so it was more like an early dinner! (We had had a snack at the ruins of fruit.) Then we started making our way back to Cancun. We made another stop in the ancient city of Valladolid. It was a cool town, but it was getting to be a very long, hot day and we were ready to get back to the hotel.

We spent the rest of our vacation doing this:

Lots of swimming and playing at the beach

and this:

Swimming at the pool

We enjoyed some yummy dinners, yummy drinks, and time hanging out. We were sad to come home, but also a little happy to get back to our routine, bed, food.

Plus, Adam had a case of the pukes at the grocery store today, so I’d much rather deal with that at home than in a different country!

I have uploaded a zillion more photos to our website, so click here to check em out:

Adam picked up a little bit of Spanish while we were there. He was pretty consistent at saying “Gracias!” and “Hola!” By the third day, someone asked him, “como se llamas?” (what is your name?) and he knew to respond with “Adam!”

Another couple gems that came out of his mouth:

While on a sailboat ride, he leaned over to the captain and said, “So Captain, how fast are we going?!”

As we were being dropped off at our hotel after our long Chichen Itza day, Adam asked Marcos, our driver, “So Marcos, are your arms tired from all that driving!?”

I heart that boy.   🙂

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