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Brian and I took a super quick, last minute trip to Cancun! I found a good deal online to our favorite hotel and I couldn’t resist it! I booked it 10 days before we left and we were gone for 3 nights. Adam stayed with Grandma Dora and Fred and he has no idea we went without him! Shhhhh…don’t tell. He’d be crushed!

Our first evening....after many Coronas and out for nachos!

One of my favorite pics from this trip

Great view out over the water

Brian reading his Kindle....Ziploc bags work great for those on the beach!

LOVE this beach!

Dinner and 'ritas our last night


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Thanksgiving and Birthday Fun!

Thanksgiving was great! We went to Dora & Fred’s for a delicious feast!! (Of course, I forgot my camera!) Thanks for having us all over! It was a tasty meal, as always!

Friday (the 25th) was Adam’s 4th birthday!! His party was planned for the 26th, so we took him to Chuck E. Cheese’s for some pizza and games! He had a blast!

Adam and Chuck!

Adam & Brian playing basketball

We had Adam’s family party on Saturday. I decided to do a brunch. We had egg bake, most of the baked goods from the Costco bakery, fruit, cheesy potatoes in the crock pot, and of course, cupcakes!  Adam wanted a Mickey Mouse theme, so that’s what we did!

Adam checking out his huge Mickey balloon

Some of the food


Adam blowing out his candles.


Happy birthday my sweet boy!! I love you so much!!

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Halloween and Stuff

It’s already been a week since Halloween and I’m just getting around to writing about it.

Adam had decided he wanted to be Scooby Doo! He was pretty excited to get his costume and he was really looking forward to trick or treating.

He woke up from his nap on Halloween and had goo in his eye. He also had runny nose, cough, etc. So off to the pediatrician we went. They were able to squeeze him in at 4:30. Yup, definitely pink eye….and an ear infection! Poor guy! He’s never had an ear infection before! The pediatrician didn’t even try to tell me not to let him go trick or treating cuz she knew that wasn’t really an option at that point. :)  We cruised to the pharmacy for his antibiotics, then home for a walleye dinner prepared by the hubby and shared with Grandma Dora and Fred. Then, we were off for trick or treating! Adam had so much fun! He went to way more houses this year than last and had a good time! It was such a nice night outside….54ish degrees I think. Here are a couple pics:

Adam digging out the pumpkin guts

Finished Jack o Lantern!

Scooby Doo ready for trick or treating

Last stop at our house

In other health news: Jack. Our poor dog. We had noticed a couple weekends ago, it seemed like he was sore or stiff in his back legs. He was grumbling a lot more when getting up or laying down and he just didn’t seem like himself. I was planning to call the vet after work that Monday (this is the week before Halloween) to see if we could get him something for his sore joints. I got home and found that Brian had worked at home that day. He asked if I could get him into the vet cuz poor Jack had fallen back down the steps when he was trying to go upstairs! Brian thought it was more leg weakness than soreness. The more I watched him, he seemed correct and I was really getting worried! We got to the vet and she examined him and said to Jack, “Yup, you don’t even realize you have back legs!” Sad! He sat down and then tried to reach back to chew his hip to get at an itch. He fell over!  The vet ordered some bloodwork and Xrays. She found that some of the discs in his spine had narrowed so she’s thinking he must’ve somehow twisted his back. We were sent home with a few weeks’ worth of prednisone and instructions to rest him. No steps. No fetch. No playing. Needless to say, the dog has been offended and bored. He usually sleeps with us and our room is upstairs! We had to put the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep him on the main level.

So he’s been on the prednisone for a couple weeks now. There is quite a bit of improvement, but he’s not 100%. Still feel so bad for him!

Brian is back in Iowa this week. He’s been gone a lot again this fall. As usual, I couldn’t resist a good deal on a 3 night trip to Cancun for just the 2 of us! We plan to lounge on the beach at our favorite hotel, enjoy a lot of cocktails and catch the Monday Night Football game between the Vikings and Packers somewhere. Shhhhh! Don’t tell Adam we’re going without him! He’d be crushed! There is going to be some lying involved with this trip!

Have a great week!!

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