Mexico in March!

As of May 27th of this year, Brian and I will have been married for 10 years! We took a trip to Mexico in March for an early celebration. We went to Cancun last year and we had found a quiet but wonderful hotel. This year, we wanted to go just a little further South, so we found ‘Ocean Coral & Turquesa’ in Puerto Morelos. It was great!

Since it was our anniversary, we felt we deserved a nice room. I really wanted to be able to see the ocean from the room and I wanted a balcony to sit on and stare at it. Boy, did we get what we asked for! We reserved an ocean front 2 room suite.

Here is the view from our room:

Our balcony had a jacuzzi so we would sit in there in the evenings and relax and listen to the ocean.

While we were there, we didn’t want to do much….just sit on the beautiful beach, enjoy some drinks, and relax.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous:

Adam got to hang out with my parents for a few nights and with Dora & Fred for a few nights. He had a blast and was usually too busy to talk to us when we called him! We’re glad we weren’t missed! Thanks again you guys for hanging out with him!

It was a wonderful vacation for us and I’m sure we’ll be back to the area at some point! We’ve been to Mexico several times and have loved it each time!

Here is our last date night of vacation:

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