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So the holidays have come and gone and I see I haven’t written in a while!

Christmas was nice. We spent Christmas Eve at Dora & Fred’s and Christmas Day at my parents’. We had a very nice couple days with lots of family and tasty food! Santa brought Adam a bike! He was so excited and couldn’t believe Santa had actually come! I was able to capture a great photo of him seeing his bike under the tree:

January, for some reason, has been a bit of a blur. I can hardly believe tomorrow is February! I’m so glad though, cuz January is my least favorite month. Brian had a trip to Arizona for work a couple weeks ago, and this morning he left for Iowa for the week. His travel schedule has been nothing like it was last fall, so this is completely manageable!

It’s snowing today, so I got out the snow blower and lugged the thing up and down the driveway a bunch of times. I was able to do a pretty decent job! I’m glad Brian gave me a crash course last night!

We have decided to go to Mexico again!! I couldn’t let a March go by without going! We’re heading back to Beachscape Villas in Cancun and cannot wait! We’re bringing Adam with us and he is beyond excited! When I told him we were going to Mexico, he said, “Well, I better get my swimming suit!!” and he ran upstairs to his room to find it. He can’t wait to fly on a plane again and play in the pool, sand, and ocean. It should be a wonderful week!

In an effort to look better in a swim suit, I have revamped my diet/exercise efforts. I just got done running 2.5 miles on the treadmill! That’s the furthest I’ve ever gone! Only 7 more weeks until our trip, so I have a lot of work to do!

I have a few days of work ahead of me, so I should go get organized for that. The mornings can be crazy when I’m by myself getting Adam to daycare and myself to work on time. Have a great week!

Here’s what we’re looking forward to in a few weeks:

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