Knock Knock!

September 14th, 2012. 13 weeks & 2 days along in my pregnancy. I was at work. I had been running around taking care of my patients and I sat down to do some charting. And I felt it. Knock knock! I felt the baby saying hello!! I looked down and smiled, said hello, and continued on….

I had almost forgotten how wonderful those taps are! I had been suspicious for the last few days if I was feeling the little one move, but wasn’t sure. This was for sure. I’m so excited to start feeling the baby move around more regularly! I know the movements start out really sporadic.

13 week baby bump!

And to top off the great day, Brian was able to come home from his long work trip a day early! He flew home over night and surprised Adam by picking him up from daycare while I was at work. Adam so happy and shocked to see his dad a day early!

While Brian was away, Adam had some thoughts on the baby:

Adam: It’ll be so nice to have a baby. Then there will be someone else to play with me!

Me: Yes, it will be so much fun! But the baby won’t be able to play right away. It’ll be too little.

Adam: Yeah, the baby has to start out little so it will fit through your throat!

He is sure the doctor is going to reach down my throat and pull out the baby. He has thought this for a while and I’ve tried explaining how it is actually going to go, but he just looked at me like I was completely crazy. He is sticking to the throat theory!


Love my boys! 🙂

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Summer Recap

So here it is, Labor Day. The unofficial end of Summer. Since I’m such a slacker, we’ll just do a Summer recap. Ready? Go!

In June, Adam played tball twice a week. He started out shy and nervous, but Brian helped out with herding the kids on the field, so Adam ended up having a great time! A couple of his buddies were on his team as well. I watched the games and thought it was just a hoot!

Adam up to bat


Run, Adam!!

Most of the team. So cute!

He’ll play again next Summer and he’s pretty excited about it!

We went to the Minnesota Air Show in Mankato. I had never been to one and it was pretty cool! We saw a few air teams, including the Blue Angels.

Blue Angels. So cool to see!


Adam had a session of swimming lessons. He was to repeat Preschool level 1 since he didn’t pass the last time. We went to the first lesson of the session and he immediately got bumped up to Preschool level 2 because he was “too advanced.” He didn’t pass level 1 because of his shenanigans and not always wanting to do what the instructor asked. He made his way through level 2. The first couple times he wouldn’t always do everything, then finally he did the best he had ever done! After that lesson I was really talking him up. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: I am SO proud of you for doing such a good job and doing everything your teacher asked you to do! Isn’t is so much more fun to just do everything?!

Adam: Yeah, it’s more fun. Plus then you guys don’t have to whine about it!

After that lesson, he did great for the rest of the session and passed with flying colors! Next up: Preschool level 3!


We enjoyed many outings on the boat and Adam got REALLY good at jumping off. He even gave tubing a try a couple times!

Brian THROWING Adam in! He loved it!

Adam trying tubing.


We had a fun 4th of July at my parents’ house on the lake!

Brian on the knee board

Me on the tube

Me getting flipped off the tube!


We got new carpet on our main floor and upstairs in all the bedrooms. It is so. much. nicer! Every now and then we roll on it!  🙂


Oh, and one last thing we did this Summer is this:

Ultrasound pic at almost 11 weeks!

Yup, we’re having another baby! Due around March 20, 2013! We are so excited! Even Adam is on board with the plan. Here is the picture I put on Facebook to announce it.

A Bun in the Oven!


So, that’s our Summer in a nutshell. Tomorrow morning, Brian is heading out on a 12 day business trip. Bring on the Fall!!




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