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A Royal Affair

That’s right. I was one of the crazies that woke up at 4 AM to watch the wedding of William and Kate. I was recording it on the DVR as well just in case I wasn’t able to convince myself to open my eyes. But once I rubbed my eyes and grabbed the remote, I flipped on the TV and I was hooked. I turned it on to see William making his way to the Abbey. Wow! Looking good! (I met William when my friend Becca and I went to London in 2004….well, we actually only met his wax figure at the Wax Museum, but pretty close, right?!)

Just watching everyone arrive for the wedding was so entertaining. The hats; the clothes; the tradition. So cool!

Then Kate arrived. I could feel the excitement building as we were waiting for her to get out of her car and see the gown everyone has speculated about for weeks. The moment arrived. One word: stunning. Her dress was beautiful. Tiara was simple (as far as tiaras go!) but lovely. Gorgeous veil and train.

During her long walk down the aisle I kept wondering what was going through her mind? Me, I would have been bawling! That much fanfare would have brought me to tears. I’m impressed she was able to hold it together. And how hard it must have been for William to stand there with his back to his bride while she made her way toward him. I loved how Harry peeked at her, then surely made some smart ass comment to his brother.

The ceremony was great. I loved the little looks and smiles they gave each other. It’s obvious they are so much in love!

Like most, I was disappointed by the first kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. I said out loud, “that’s it?!” I’m so glad the crowd made them try a second time. Much better!

Such an amazing day! I’m so glad I got to see it! It’s not every day that an ‘ordinary’ girl gets to marry a prince. It’s like every little girl’s dream coming true!

They’re replaying the wedding this evening on CNN and I’m finding myself getting sucked back in again! Oh no!

Just for fun: a pic of Becca and I in front of Buckingham Palace in '04!

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Visit to the Easter Bunny!

According to the calendar, it’s Spring. However, take one step outside and it is clear that Mother Nature hasn’t looked at the calendar. It’s cold, windy, cold, and we’re supposed to get some snow tonight! I’m not impressed.

Since outdoor activities aren’t real fun yet, I decided to take Adam to the Mall of America today to see the Easter Bunny for the ‘Toddler Tuesday’ activity. This was our first Toddler Tuesday. Adam has never been to MOA and it’s been a while since I’ve been there. I’m one of those dorks who thinks the Mall is pretty cool and fascinating, so I’m always looking for a reason to go there!

With my lack of experience traveling there, I managed to park on the wrong side of the Mall, so we had quite the walk in order to make it to the Best Buy Rotunda. Soon after we arrived, the Easter Bunny showed up. Adam was so excited!! We were a few rows back, but Adam was smiling, waving, and saying ‘Hi!’ I was hoping he would feel the same way when we finally got to the front of the line. He did, and here’s the cute pic!

Adam with the Easter Bunny!

After visiting the Easter Bunny, there were stations set up in Nickelodeon Universe where the kids could get treats. We wandered through and found the goodies, and Adam thought the place was pretty cool! We got pretty hungry from all the walking around so I decided it would be fun to take Adam to Rainforest Cafe for lunch. He thought all the animals and fish were so neat! We got seated right next to a fish tank and he couldn’t keep his eyes off the fish!

Table by the fish at Rainforest Cafe!

After our yummy lunch (Adam ate every bite!) we wandered back to the car and hit the road for home and nap time. We stopped for one last picture:

Outside Rainforest Cafe after lunch

It’s days like this that make me even more thankful for my job. I am so lucky to be able to work but also spend wonderful days like this with my favorite little man!

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Boo Hoo!!

So we’ve been home from vacation for about a week and a half. Boo Hoo!! It’s been busy since we got home: Brian went to Iowa the morning after we got home, and I took Adam to grandma’s for a few days cuz I had to head back to work! Nothing like a jolt of reality to get us back into the swing of things!

Our vacation was wonderful!! We love Beachscape Villas a little more each time we go there (now 3)! We were a little disappointed that our room wasn’t quite as ocean view as we had hoped, but it ended up being pretty convenient cuz it was close enough to the pool/lobby (where there is free wi-fi) that we were able to get internet in our room! This was very handy for when Adam was napping or in bed for the night.

Our days went a little something like this: wake up; have breakfast at the hotel overlooking the pool and ocean; head back to the room for a little bit to get on swimsuits; go to the pool for while, then to the beach; enjoy lunch on the beach; back to the room for Adam to nap (a few days I soaked up more rays by the pool during nap); head to the pool or beach to swim some more; shower and head out for supper; hang out in the room or outside for a little while, then tuck Adam in to bed. Brian and I would surf the web or read after Adam was in bed, but we had a hard time staying awake past 9! All the sun makes ya tired!

We had delicious meals, absolutely perfect weather, and an all around fabulous time! I cannot wait to get us back there! I’ll have a hard time waiting a whole year!  😉

As promised, here are a few favorite pics. You can see the rest by clicking on “see our photos” on the right—->

Absolutely unbeatable beach at our hotel. Our favorite place to be!


Brian and Adam in the ocean. Their suits match the sky & water!


Adam scooping sand into his bucket

Self photo of Brian and I with Adam behind us

Family photo standing in the beautiful Caribbean

Standing outside Senor Frog's with our balloon hats we got during dinner

I think Spring has finally arrived! It’s been pretty nice around here lately and today, I was able to go for a run outside for the first time. It was so nice! Now I’m super excited for it to continue to get warmer so I can continue running outside! Bye bye treadmill!!

Hope everyone is well and having a nice weekend!

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