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Phoenix or Bust!

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Phoenix over the weekend! We went to visit our friends, Brent & Becca and their 2 year old, Brady. They are college friends of ours. Becca & I were roommates, and Brian & Brent were roommates. They were in our wedding and have been together ever since. They moved to Phoenix after college so we don’t get to see them very often, but when we do, it’s great!

We flew out early Thursday morning. Adam was so excited to fly on a plane! We rented a minivan and it came in super handy to haul around the 6 of us. We spent our time hanging out, going to parks, eating yummy food and enjoying lots of good laughs. The kids played great together and were on the same nap/bedtime schedule, so that worked out great for the parents!  It was such a fantastic getaway and we’re so glad we were able to visit!

Here are some of my favorite pics:

We got home on Sunday, did laundry & unpacked. Brian had to turn around and head back to Iowa bright and early Monday morning. He’ll be gone until at least the 29th, maybe longer….

Adam and I were discussing Halloween costume options tonight and he has decided he wants to be a puppy dog, so now I must shop!

Have a great week!

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Random Thought for Today

Hummus. What a yummy and interesting snack!

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Lots to catch up on!

Obviously, it’s been a while. I see the last blog I wrote was about my birthday and that was well over a month ago! Sheesh. I’m a slacker! So that means this will probably be kinda long. Here goes:

Brian has been in Iowa most weeks since August. Either he has come home on the weekends, or Adam and I have driven down to visit. We were down there this past weekend and also 2 weekends prior to that we went for a visit. Adam has a blast when we visit Daddy. We get to stay in  hotel with a pool, so he gets to swim twice a day. We eat out at favorite restaurants and he’s allowed to have some of his favorite treats! I know Brian enjoys when we’re able to visit, and I think it’s nice to be able to hang out too! Adam has mastered jumping into the pool by himself while one of us catches him! He also likes to jump in holding onto Brian’s hand. I’m sure you want pics of this so here ya go:

Let’s see….oh, yes. The State Fair. Adam and I went for an afternoon with my parents. We took in a Kare11 news broadcast. I thought that was pretty cool. I had never been to one before. I also took Adam on the giant slide. That was a hoot! He was all excited to go on the slide…until we got to the top. Then he decided it looked too scary. I was able to convince him to ride down with me. I thought it was super fun!! My mom said Adam smiled the whole way down, however, after viewing the pictures she took of us coming down the slide, I would have to disagree. What do you think? I think the poor guy looks terrified!

When we got done, Adam looked at me with a quivering lip and said, “I don’t want to go again!” He figured he’d let me know that before I tried to talk him into another ride!

I ended up not running in the Carver Steam Boat Days 5K. I had hurt my knee and I wasn’t able to run or walk very well. I was really bummed!! The boys and I went to the race to cheer on my friend, Shannon, who was my training buddy and inspiration to start running in the first place! She finished her first 5K and I’m so proud of her!! I’m slowly getting back into running. I just go on the treadmill now and I don’t run as much….more walking. I’m scared to hurt myself again!

The weekend of September 25th, the boys were in the wedding of our friends, Allyson & Steve. I have some good lookin’ guys in my life! Brian was one of the groomsmen and Adam was the ring bearer. Adam did great walking down the aisle by himself at the rehearsal, but when it was time to go down the aisle at the wedding, he froze. I think he was nervous about all the people looking at him! Poor guy!! I couldn’t convince him to go get Daddy up at the front, so I ended up holding his hand and walking him down the aisle. I dropped him off with Brian at the front of the church and he was absolutely fine after that!  Here’s a pic of my little dude:

and the 3 of us:

a group shot of the wedding party:

My boys drinkin’ at the reception:

My super happy exciting work news: I don’t have to work night shift anymore!! I have been rotating Day/Evening shifts during the week, then working 12 hour night shifts every 3rd weekend. After 3 years, I’m FINALLY back to working just straight day/evening rotation and I get to work 12 hour DAY shifts every 3rd weekend. I’m ecstatic! It was really starting to get to be too much to work all 3 shifts and I was over it.

In sports news: Randy Moss has returned to the Vikings!! This is so exciting for us!! All last season, Brian and I kept saying, “Imagine if we had Moss back….” So now I’m curious to see how the game goes on Monday night!! Wahoo!!

Brian is scheduled to be in Utah for a huge demo from Oct. 18th-Nov. 5th. That is going to be a long haul for all of us! He has been gone for several weeks leading up to this demo, so I decided it was necessary for he and I to take a long weekend in Mexico! We’re heading there the weekend before Thanksgiving to just hang out together. Adam will be with the grandparents.

Next week, we are heading to Phoenix to visit our friends there, Becca & Brent & their little guy, Brady. I’ve been trying to talk with Adam about flying on a plane and how all that will go. He’s pretty excited to fly and we can’t wait to see our friends!

Brian has been in Iowa for the last 2 weeks, and he is coming home tomorrow! Yay! It’s supposed to be beautiful weather this weekend, so I’m sure we’ll hit the park a couple times and of course, the Pancake House!

Have a great weekend!

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