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Beauuutiful Day!

I was lucky enough to get an absent day on Saturday, June 21st. It was an awesome day all around!
First, we went to Adam’s last soccer game of the Summer season. He played great! He was aggressive and even scored a goal! It was a beautiful morning…sun shining, not windy. At the end, all the kids got their trophies and posed for a team picture in the goal.



Adam and his buddy Brady. They're goofy. :)

Adam and his buddy Brady. They’re goofy. 🙂

Next, we decided to head to the beach! We went to Bryant Lake. It was a bit flooded from all the crazy rain, but we still had a great time. We packed a lunch and ate at the beach. Allison loved wandering around in the water, digging in the sand, and just being cute.


Beach baby

Beach baby



She got too tired on the way home from the beach. Luckily, she went right back to sleep when I put her in her crib.

She got too tired on the way home from the beach. Luckily, she went right back to sleep when I put her in her crib.

After nap, it was time for a round of disc golf! Adam has already improved so much this Summer! Once again, I carried Allison in the carrier. I love that thing! She loves waving to the cars, airplanes, and the boys.

Adam golfing

Adam golfing

Allison and I golfing ;)

Allison and I golfing 😉

We grabbed gyros on the way home for dinner. After we ate, we played outside.

It was such a wonderful day and I really can’t think of a day that has been better in a long time. Absolutely beautiful weather, fun activities, and just an all around great day! Thanks, family! 🙂

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Disney World–Part 2!!

Sorry it has taken so long to get around to this. We started watching the show ‘Scandal’ on Netflix while in Florida. Brian and I watched after Adam was in bed. We got done watching Scandal and have now moved on to ‘Breaking Bad.’ Both shows are so good and we watch several per night. Needless to say, I haven’t done the blog….

Monday, May 5th we went to Animal Kingdom. We again arrived as the park opened (8 AM). We hit a couple attractions and also the roller coaster called ‘Everest.’ It was cool! It went backward through the dark for a while at one point. We loved it!



In front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom

In front of the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom

Mickey and Minnie started making their appearance at 9, so we got in line for that right on time. After waiting only a few minutes, it was our turn:

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We had a Fastpass for the Safari tour. This was pretty cool. We were on a truck that brought us through a huge area where we were able to see a ton of animals! Giraffes, lion, elephants, things I can’t pronounce….

P1070905P1070904 P1070909 P1070908

For lunch, we had a character meal at Tusker House! It was a buffet, and we were visited by Goofy, Donald, and Daisy. Mickey was also there, but he didn’t make it to our table. We were ok missing him since we had met him in the morning.

Outside Tusker House

Outside Tusker House

P1070919 P1070916 P1070914


After lunch we had Fastpasses for Cali River Rapids (a water ride, felt great!) and Dinosaur. That one was a wee bit spooky. There were dinosaurs popping out at us in the dark. Still cool though. Adam wasn’t scared, so that’s all I worried about. 🙂

We also met Pooh and Tigger!

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We met Chip & Dale!

We met Chip & Dale!

And Rafiki!

And Rafiki!


We decided to head back to the hotel and hang out at the pool. It was a hot day, so the pool was great! We ate dinner outside and wandered the hotel grounds checking out all the different areas. Super cool!

On Tuesday, we were planning for a half day at Epcot. We spent the morning at the pool, then got changed and made our way over there. We chose an afternoon visit because I wanted to check out Coral Reef Restaurant for dinner and there were just a few rides we wanted to try.

This might be my most favorite pic from our trip!

This might be my most favorite pic from our trip!

Spaceship Earth was our first ride. That’s the one in the iconic Epcot ball. It was basically a journey through time. We hit a couple more rides on our way to our first 2 Fastpasses. (FYI, the Michael Jackson attraction, Captain EO is a half hour of your life you can’t get back. I love MJ. I do not love Captain EO.)

First, we did Turtle Talk with Crush. This was a hoot! We were all in a movie theater type setting with the kids sitting in the front on the floor. “Crush” (the turtle from Finding Nemo) came out to talk to us on the screen. It was a person behind the screen that could see us, but we obviously could not see him. This way he was able to interact with the kids, asking them questions and getting the audience involved. He chose Adam as one of the kids to talk to! I got some of it on video on my phone, so I’ll try to post the youtube link here…

In typical Adam style, he clammed up and quit talking. I think he wasn’t really sure what Crush was asking him. At the end of the video is when Crush started talking to me and I quit filming.

We did the Chevy Test Track. At this attraction we let Adam design a car for us, then we rode on the test track. We were going around 60mph! Pretty fun!!!


Soarin’ was another ride we checked out. For this one, we were seated on seats that lifted up and we were shown a movie. The seats would move and turn as we were ‘Soaring’ over the different areas of California. Scents of the orange trees and pine trees were also evident. It was very cool!

We found Pluto!

Adam was pretty happy cuz Pluto was 'the last autograph I need to get the whole Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!'

Adam was pretty happy cuz Pluto was ‘the last autograph I need to get the whole Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!’

Dinner at Coral Reef was pretty cool. We got a table right next to the wall that is a ginormous aquarium. We saw a bunch of different kinds of fish, turtles, sharks, and even some scuba divers went by! We had a yummy meal and enjoyed the scenery:


We hung around and checked out the laser/fireworks show at 9 PM. We made our way back to our hotel and called it a night.

Wednesday was our day to leave. I had scheduled us one more character meal. It was a breakfast at Cape May Cafe located in Beach Club hotel. To get there, we took the bus to Hollywood Studios, then got on a boat to Beach Club hotel. Breakfast was pretty good and we got visits from Donald, Goofy, and Minnie:

P1070969 P1070971 P1070973

It took us almost an hour to get to breakfast, so we decided to hop in a cab to get back to our hotel after breakfast. Best $9 we spent! We wanted to get to the pool for a while before we had to fly home! So we did. We lounged. Then got ready and finished packing. We left our checked bags with folks at the hotel who got them to the airport for us. We took our backpacks and carryon and hopped back on the Magic Express bus back to the airport. We had a nice flight home.

Allison was hanging with Grandma Dora and they were out walking in the cul de sac when we got home. She was pretty excited to see us, but then got tired so we tucked her in.

Thanks again to the grandparents for hanging out with our Peanut while we explored Disney! We had a great time and it was really special to just have Adam with us.

I have a TON more photos on our family photo gallery:


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