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Return to the Scene

About a week ago, Adam and I were going to the mall. I had the stroller out of the trunk and ready for him to get into. I opened his car door, then locked the doors with the remote on the keys and put the keys in the stroller. Mr. Independent got out of his car seat on his own and was going to shut the door like he always does. I reminded him to watch his fingers, but he wasn’t quick enough to move them and BANG! Finger in the door. Remember, the door is locked and the keys are in the stroller. I started fumbling around to find the keys and get the door opened while my poor boy stood there crying with his finger stuck! I felt awful! He was such a trooper. He cried for a little while, but was OK fairly soon. He is now pretty proud of his purple finger and likes to show people and say, “I squished my finger!”:

Today we went back to the mall for some shopping and to get Adam a hair cut. When we were talking about going there, Adam said, “Don’t squish finger! It will hurt!” Smart boy.

Brian is out of town this week, so it is just Adam and I. We’ve done this before and made it through just fine. Keeping my fingers crossed for a happy boy and an uneventful week! I hope I didn’t just jinx myself…..

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Rainy Saturday

How have we spent our rainy Saturday? Well, this morning I cooked up some French toast (Yummy if I do say so myself!). Then we headed out in search of some fat, juicy worms! Brian is always on the lookout. By the time we finally got in the car, it was raining pretty hard again, so we had trouble finding some good ones. Since I was in the driver’s seat I decided a Caribou run was in order!

On the way home the rain had let up, so we were able to find some worms for Brian. He got out of the car and was walking along with his bucket picking up the fattest ones he could find. Silly me, I didn’t have my camera to capture the comedy. I snapped a couple pictures when we got home though:

Adam holding one of the worms. Jack wanted in on the fun!

Here are all the worms. Ick!

Adam loves playing baseball. He is pretty good at hitting the ball off the tee. We played for a while before naptime. Here is a little video of him showing off his skills:


We’ve all had naps and now the rain has stopped. We’re going to have some supper and head to the park. Then we’ll put our feet up and watch the Twins game! Have a great weekend!

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Our Sweet Boy

So, now Adam is 2. Since we are new to this blogging thing, why not give a run down of what Adam has been up to.

He was a wonderful baby. A great sleeper and a good eater. He’s had a charming personality and we have enjoyed him so much! I remember being so amazed at the little things when he was a baby. It was so cool to watch him discover his hands, then to start making sounds, then get mobile. It took him a while to figure out how to crawl but once he figured out he get where he wanted to be faster, he loved crawling!

I’m pretty sure his first word was “Jack!” (the dog). I brought him out of his room after a nap and Jack was lying at the top of the stairs. Adam looked right at him and said, “Jack!”

He started walking really well at about 14 months. It wasn’t long after he was running around like crazy!

At 18 months, his vocabulary exploded and we were hearing new words from him daily. It was so fun to watch him learn and practice new words!

Now he is nearly 2 1/2. He thinks potty training is for the birds. He talks like crazy and we are still amazed and how well he can talk. He speaks in full sentences and is getting much better at saying ‘please’ & ‘thank you.’ He is Mr. Independent and wants to do things for himself. If we try to help him when he didn’t ask for it, he freaks. Needless to say, it sometimes can take us a while to get out of the house because he wants to put on his own shoes, jacket, open the door, climb into his car seat and do his own buckles.

He gives us a good laugh daily. He usually has an interesting insight or comment on the world. This comment usually becomes my facebook status that night!

Lately, he is really loving going to the park. He is able to walk the whole way there this year! He is also really good at hitting a ball off a tee. We have a future major leaguer on our hands! Reading books is another thing he loves. He knows all of his letters and can sing the alphabet and count to 15. But for some reason he always skips 11!

He is a wonderful boy and we feel so lucky to have him in our lives!

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Setting the Record Straight.

If you haven’t heard, I had a pretty quick labor and delivery with our son. I know it’s been over 2 years, but I still hear at work other people’s interpretations of what exactly went on that day. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud and impressed with our story, so I figured I could share it here. So here goes:

It was a typical Sunday for us and I was 3 days “overdue.” We went out to eat for a late breakfast, then to Home Depot. I had noticed some light pink spotting so I thought perhaps, maybe, something was actually going to happen. I felt my first contraction around 11:30 or so. We were at home and I was pretty comfortable. We started watching the Vikings game and I continued to have contractions so we were sure it was going to be the day we would finally get to meet our son!

I remained fairly comfortable with the contractions, so I didn’t figure much was happening. We were getting the bags packed and the dog ready for us to be gone. I had to get up and walk during a few contractions, but I was still feeling fine. At about 3:00 I decided I should sit down and really time the contractions. They were 6-7 minutes apart, then quickly got to 4-5 minutes. I put in a call to the doctor and the answering service told me to call back if I didn’t hear anything within 20 minutes. I continued to time the contractions and they were getting to be more like 3-4 minutes apart.

We were still waiting for the doctor to call back when I felt and heard a ‘pop’ and I jumped up off the couch. My water broke. I figured it was time to hit the road for the hospital. Brian wanted to stop and water the Christmas tree that we had just put in the stand the day before, but I wouldn’t let him!

On the way to the hospital, we called the answering service again to let them know I was on my way in and we also called the hospital to give them a heads up. I make this drive every time I go to work, but this time it felt like it was taking forever! My contractions were 2 minutes apart and I was hurting. I gave Brian permission to run red lights and go as fast as he wanted. We were actually hoping for a police escort!

Once we were at the hospital entrance, I felt better. I figured if the baby was born in the car, at least we were at the hospital! Then the stars aligned. As I swung open my car door, out walked 2 of my coworkers who offered to get me a wheelchair and wheel me upstairs while Brian grabbed the suitcase. We left the car parked illegally. We got to the triage area and as the door opened, 2 labor nurses that I work with were walking out and saw my water was broken and brought me right into a labor room. The on-call doctor was there and followed us into the room. I was offered an epidural, but would not have time to enjoy it. They checked to see how dilated I was and they told me I was 9cm. Then I heard “She’s actually just a rim!” get whispered to everyone else. So, basically, I was complete and baby would be making his arrival shortly.

Most of the rest of labor and delivery are pretty blurry. I just remember I kept my eyes closed and did what I was told. I took great comfort in the fact that my coworkers were taking care of us and I knew Adam and I were in great hands. There were many labor nurses in my room and they were great. There was an overhead page going saying that our car needed to be moved. Brian wasn’t about to leave, so one of the labor nurses offered to take the keys and move our car for us!

It was very bizarre to be lying in bed, then have a contraction and my whole body would contract. I almost felt possessed! I didn’t have to push for long and Adam’s heart rate was going down, so they used a vacuum to help get him out. He came out great and we were so happy to meet him!! He was born at 4:41 PM…..17 minutes after I got hooked up to the monitor in the labor room! Not too shabby for a first baby!

Here we are getting our first glimpse of our sweet boy

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Check it Out!

Hey! Check it out! We’re trying to start a blog. Our lives aren’t super exciting, but we occasionally have fun or interesting things to share so we thought this would be a great place to do just that! We hope you enjoy. Prepare yourselves, we’re sure most of the postings will have to do with Adam’s entertaining antics!

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