The Big 1-0!

Today is May, 27th. Exactly 10 years ago, we were married! It seems like so long ago, but also seems like it was just yesterday. During our 10 years we have both graduated college with 4 year degrees;  Brian earned his Master’s;  we’ve both got wonderful jobs we love; we have a home;  and, of course, Mr. Adam!! We have done some traveling together and experienced the joys and frustrations of home buying/selling. We have welcomed new lives into our families and said good-bye to others.

I remember on our wedding day it rained all day and it was cold! Today was a gorgeous day! We both had to work, but then we all went out for supper and ate a place we hadn’t tried before. We were able to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the beautiful evening. We had a delicious meal and Brian even brought me flowers!

We have built a great life together and we are very proud of that. We’re looking forward to many more years together!

Check us out on our wedding day!

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