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New Room, New Bed!

We finally upgraded Adam from his toddler bed to a double bed! We also figured it was a good time to move him into a bigger, quieter room. He has been sharing a wall with our bathroom, so he would sometimes wake up way too early when I would be getting ready to head to work for a day shift.

Over a few days’ span, I prepped, primed, and put on 2 coats of paint in Adam’s new room. It turned out pretty well and I’m pretty proud of myself! It was a lot of work! We also picked out some new furniture to go in his room: a bed, head board, night stand, and dresser. I found some bedding and a whole mess of accessories to decorate his new room.

While I was at work today, Brian and Adam went and ordered the furniture and brought home the bed. We got the bed set up and the curtains hung. Enough for him to be able to sleep in his new bed tonight! He was so excited!! Here are a few pics of the process. I will post more once we have the furniture and the room is officially complete!

Adam helping me paint his room. He had a blast!

Adam took a picture of Brian and I hanging the valance and curtains!

New bedding theme: Turtles and frogs

Adam showing off his new bed! He's very excited!

Tucked in with plenty of room for his guys!

Night night! Sleep tight! Love you Buddy!

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Cat in the Hat!

I would like to thank my friend and coworker, Erica Scheffler, for switching shifts at work with me so I was able to take Adam back to the Mall of America today for another fun Toddler Tuesday. We had a great day!

I discovered late last week that The Cat in the Hat was coming to the Mall today. Adam is a HUGE fan of his, so I was hoping to be able to take him. We arrived at the mall about 15 minutes before the Cat’s arrival and waited in line for Adam’s chance to say hello. The Cat showed up and Adam squealed with excitement! He wanted me to hold him up so he could see and he wouldn’t let me put him down. It was finally Adam’s turn. He walked right up and posed for a couple pictures. The picture on my phone is probably the best one. With Brian out of town, I sent it to him right away! Here is one off the camera:

Adam with the Cat in the Hat!

After our visit with the Cat, we decided to wander into Nickelodeon Universe. Unbeknownst to me, ride wrist bands are discounted for Toddler Tuesdays and there are actually quite a few rides my little man can ride! We decided to give some of them a whirl. We started out on the carousel and he picked out the ostrich:

Adam on the carousel

Another ride we tried was ‘Swiper’s Sweepers.’ It was cars that would go around in a loop, but we got whipped around the corners! It was a blast!!

Getting whipped around the corner! So Fun!

Then we did the hot air balloons. This was kinda relaxing and I could easily have gotten rocked to sleep!

Ready for the balloon ride!

Adam and I were getting pretty hungry, so we set off to find some lunch. Adam remembered the Rainforest Cafe and wanted to go back for another lunch. We got to sit by the fish again, and we had another delicious meal!

RC yellow fish

Adam loved this yellow fish!

This fish would keep coming to the bubbles for a little bubble bath and just lay in there for a few minutes!

Huge icky eel

On our drive home Adam told me his favorite part of the day was meeting The Cat in the Hat and his favorite ride was Swiper’s Sweepers! It was such a nice morning and I’m so thankful to be able to have these days with him!

We’re planning to go back next week for the Kiddie Karnival! I would like to try the Build-a-Bear Workshop with him one of these days too!

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Tomato Plant

Adam loves tomatoes. No, I mean looooves them! He would live on them if we let him. It’s amazing really.

I hate gardening. It looks hard on the back and knees and very dirty. Anything I’ve ever tried to grow, I’ve managed to kill in about a week. I simply forget to water it. And don’t get me started on pulling weeds. NOT my idea of a good time! I know many people who absolutely love gardening and look at me like I’m crazy when I say I don’t.

Since Adam loves tomatoes, I decided it would be an alright idea to get a tomato plant I could grow in a pot on the deck. I’ve been guaranteed by several people I won’t be able to kill it. I figure if I see it sitting there every day, I’ll remember to water it. Plus, Adam is on board with this idea, so he’ll help too.

Today was the day to get our plant and get it planted. Adam and I wandered through the Home Depot garden center looking for the tomato plants. I kept muttering under my breath, “where are the dumb things?” Finally I spotted them. They come super tiny. I was hoping for a little bigger and mature….less chance of killing it I figured.

I decided on a “Patio” tomato plant. Sounded like it was just what we needed. From there, I wasn’t sure. A pot? Some dirt? Do I need a cage? Right on cue a garden center employee walked by and I admitted my complete lack of knowledge on the subject. She pointed me in the direction of a pot and size I would need; potting soil (with Miracle Grow of course!); and a cage.

Adam picked out a bright colored cage, then he decided on the pot as well. $27 later, we were ready.

I was looking at the cage and I was pretty sure I knew the answer to my question, but sent an SOS text to my friend Shannon (one of the many guaranteeing me this will work) to ask which way the cage goes! Yup, I’m that dumb….

We got everything out on the deck. Poured in the soil, tucked in the plant and stabbed in the cage. Added a pitcher of water and Voila! We have a tomato plant! Stay tuned…….

Adam is very excited about our gardening adventure!

It looks kinda sad so far....

Thanks to my gardening family and friends for your support and words of encouragement during this trying time!  😉

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