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Fun in the Cancun Sun!

Here it is, Thursday night. We arrived in Cancun on Tuesday afternoon. We took advantage of Brian’s zillions of Holiday Inn rewards points and stayed at a Holiday Inn near the airport Monday night, left the car there (free parking for the week! yay!) and took a shuttle to the airport. Adam strutted through the airport with his sunglasses on, ready to hit the beach and everyone commented how cute he looked! He was an awesome traveler on the plane and before we knew it we were at the hotel! Adam was hysterical because we didn’t even have all the luggage in the room yet and he was stripped down and looking for his swimsuit! We hit the beach and pool for a couple hours, then out for dinner and a trip to WalMart to stock up on the essentials….water, Corona, limes, milk, & snacks!

Yesterday and today were spent on the beach in the morning, lunch in our lounge chairs, in to the room for a nap for Adam (Brian and I hung out on the patio surfing the web and I even laid by the pool for a while today!), then back to the pool for a while before it was supper time!

Tonight we were given a complimentary dinner at the beach side restaurant of the hotel. It was a beautiful setting and delicious food! The dinner was complimentary thanks to my sucking up to the hotel on Facebook!  🙂

We are having a wonderful time and enjoying the gorgeous beach! I tried to upload a couple pics but the internet in the room is a little spotty. I will definitely post more when we are back home.

Hope everyone has a good week and to our family and friends at home: Hope the snow and flooding aren’t wreaking too much havoc…..

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A couple weeks ago, I reached a huge milestone. I finally reached the point where I have lost 50 pounds! I am so proud of myself. I feel like I have taken it off in a slow and healthy way….by exercising and eating less. It’s that simple. No gimmicks or fad diets, just good ‘ol burning off more calories than taking in!

When that much weight is lost, it means new clothes are needed! This past week, I cleaned out my closet. I got rid of all the clothes that are way too big and also the ones I just don’t wear anymore. My rough estimate was I parted with 70 shirts, 30 pairs of shorts, and about 15 pairs of pants. Crazy. I brought 8 garbage bags of stuff to Goodwill. My empty side of the closet was looking very sad….

Adam went to Grandma & Fred’s yesterday, so I took advantage of my day off from work with no kiddo and hit the mall! I spent 7 hours there!! I tried on about a zillion things, but only came home with a half zillion.  😉

As I walked through the mall I kept smiling and shaking my head. I can’t believe I have dropped so many sizes and I can now buy clothes in ‘regular’ sizes! This is amazing to me. It has been SO LONG since this has been the case.

I am hoping to take off a few more pounds, so I tried to not go too crazy in the stores.

After my 7 hour shopping spree, I was crazy hungry! Brian came from work and we met at Wildfire for supper. Super delish. We love the steaks there and we managed to save a little room for their fabulous apple & raspberry sizzler thing for dessert.  It was kinda strange to have a dinner date without our favorite 3 year old, but also very nice!

Thanks Dora & Fred for offering to hang out with Adam! I’m sure he’s having a blast! Thank you American Express card for not going into shock due to overuse today!!

I’m off to bed soon. Working with the moms & babies all weekend! Have a good one!



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