Happy Birthday to ME!!

Sunday was my birthday! I’m 32! Crazy!

I worked a 12 hour night shift on Saturday night, and I got to take advantage of double pay (in honor of my birthday!) for 8 hours! It helped make the night shift a little more tolerable.

After I slept for a while on Sunday, the boys and I went and picked out a new bike for me as my gift! I haven’t had a new bike in about 20 years, and I haven’t owned one in I don’t know how long! I wanted a pink bike with a comfy seat, so that is what we found. I love it!

Then we went out for supper at Cuzzy’s…a family restaurant in Chaska. I was in the mood for something pretty low key and casual. We had a yummy supper and a dessert! They brought out the dessert with a pink candle in it and Adam helped me blow it out.

After supper, we went fishing. Brian needed to stock his bait tank. I hate bullheads, but the boys have a blast, so it’s fun to go with and watch them.

We got home and got Adam to bed, then Brian and I hung out together and watched the Twins game. It was a wonderful day with my two favorite guys!!

Here is my new bike:

And dinner with the boys:

As usual, I am a few days late at posting this! Now it is Tuesday night. After work, Adam and I got a trailer to hook onto my bike so I can take him with on bike rides! We went for a quick spin to test it out and he absolutely loved it!

Brian had to head back to Iowa this morning, so Adam and I are hanging out again til Friday. We have big plans though: tomorrow I am getting a massage after work. Thursday night I am going to ‘Wicked’ with my mom. My dad is going to hang out with Adam for the night. My parents will spend the night, then we’re heading to the State Fair on Friday!

It’s shaping up to be a busy, but fun week!! Hope you’re having a good one too!!

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It’s been a while…..

I see it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, so this will probably be a compilation of the last few weeks of our ongoings!  😉

August 6th was the annual Relay for Life in McLeod County. We started participating in this event after Brian’s dad died in 2004 from esophageal cancer. It’s an all night event to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Brian stayed all night to walk the relay. Adam and I went to the Relay for the afternoon/evening then came back home to sleep.

A couple weeks ago, I decided I should take up running! I’m somewhat enjoying it. I’ve been doing most of my running on the treadmill because it’s been too hot, or I’m home by myself with Adam. Today was a beautiful morning, so I ran outside. Whoa! It’s an interesting difference. The treadmill certainly does a lot of the work for me, so I have a lot of work to do to build up my endurance. Oh, did I mention I’m thinking of entering my first 5K in September?! My friend and neighbor, Shannon, is also starting to enjoy running and she’s wanting me to do the Carver Steam Boat Days 5K with her. I’m certainly nowhere near ready for it, but I have a month to get there! We’ll see how it goes…..

Brian was gone in Iowa all last week again. I had most of the week off work so I had lots of hanging out time with Adam. I was so impressed and proud of him! He was such an amazing kiddo all week!! I didn’t have to put him in time out ONCE!! Amazing!!

We had a nice weekend together this weekend. I worked on Friday evening and Saturday day shift. After work, I drove and met the boys at Lake Minnetonka Regional Park. It was so nice! The humidity is finally gone!! Today we went to the park in the morning, then checked out the Carver County Fair in the afternoon. Adam loved feeding the animals in the petting area, then walking through all the other animal barns to say hi to all the other critters. We ate a ton of junk food, but it was great!! I’ll have to run a little extra tomorrow!

Here a few pics from the Relay and the Fair:

Now the laundry is all folded and it’s time to head to bed. I’m looking forward to sleeping on the clean sheets with the windows open wide!! Have a great week!!

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