Becca, P!nk, and Shania in VEGAS!

I escaped to Vegas for a couple nights to hang out with my friend, Becca and to catch a couple concerts! I flew out Friday morning, January 31st. My plane landed a little after 9. Becca was driving up from Phoenix and she picked me up at the airport a short time later! We found our hotel, Planet Hollywood, checked in, then hit the strip to find some lunch!

Our first meal was at Fatburger. It was delish! We spent the day wandering the strip. We checked out M&M world. The wall of M&Ms was pretty cool!

We wandered though a few more hotels and grabbed a couple beers while we walked. We chilled in the hotel room for a little bit, then it was time to get ready for PINK!!!

Becca and I in our outfits for the P!nk concert! So excited!

We had dinner outside at Cabo Wabo. It’s a place with Mexican food right outside Planet Hollywood. The Strip was our view and it was so fun!

We made our way to MGM for the concert and had a couple gigantic beers. 🙂 Hey, we were in Vegas! no husbands, no kids, no driving!


P!nk was singing "Raise Your Glass" so we raised ours! So fun!

"Try." I took this picture at each concert. Amazeballs.


Hi, P!nk! She landed right in front of us during "So What"

This was my 3rd time seeing P!nk’s concert. And she did not disappoint! Becca and I were having a blast singing and dancing along with P!nk. The crabby lady next to me was not having fun. About 2/3 the way through the concert, she decided she had had enough of me having fun! I was sitting down during a couple of P!nk’s slower songs, but was still singing along. Apparently, crabby lady did not enjoy that. Out of nowhere she turns to me and starts SCREAMING at me:

“I came here to hear HER sing, not you!” (While shaking her finger in my face)

Me: mouth drops open

Her: “I’ve tolerated you long enough! You STOP singing!”

Me: “I’m not even singing that loudly!”

Her: “I can hear you! Stop it!” (She continues to glare at me….)

Me: singing along, but very quietly…

Her: “I told you to STOP it!” (finger shaking again)

Me: “I’m barely singing!”

Her: “Stop it!”

Me: now just mouthing the words of the song, no sound coming out…

Her: “Stop it!”

I always think of great responses after a situation has occurred. I was so shocked this was happening that I didn’t really respond. I was also scared she was going to slap me because she was SO angry. I’ve never had an encounter like this! Needless to say, it took the wind out of my sails a bit. But Becca and I enjoyed the rest of the show and sang and danced more.  Love ya, P!nk!

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel. It was pretty tasty! and very filling. We did more wandering of the Strip. We were excited for the Shania Twain concert at Caesar’s that night. However, when we were back in the room chilling for a bit, I checked my email on my phone only to discover that her show had been CANCELED for that night! What?! We were SO disappointed! We thought about trying to get tickets for a different show that night, but nothing else was sounding interesting to us. We had been looking forward to this for weeks! We went to Caesar’s just to be sure it was actually canceled:

Sadness. No Shania show for us. 🙁

That evening, I decided I was still going to put on my Shania outfit!

My Shania ensemble! Thanks to McKenzie at Maurice's for playing dress up with me to get me ready for these concerts! 🙂

We grabbed some dinner at Paris hotel. Then we wandered through the mall attached to Planet Hollywood. We walked by the Britney Spears theater just as her show was getting ready to start. Awesome people watching!

We had a great fountain view room at Planet Hollywood. Becca and I really love the fountains, so it was cool to be able to have such a cool view

We woke up early Sunday morning and Becca took me to the airport and she headed back to Phoenix. We both made it home in time to watch the Superbowl with our families.

Thanks, Becca for a fun weekend!

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