So thankful for my family!

Adam’s 6th (what?!?! how did that happen??) birthday party was a success! He invited 6 of his friends to Jump & Jam in Chanhassen. It’s a trampoline park and there is also laser tag. The kids all had a blast, and I loved the ease of showing up somewhere and having the kids entertained! I also made Adam’s cake. And not to to toot my own horn, but it was pretty dang tasty! Best cake I’ve made! One of the other moms even asked if I make cakes for others.

Adam's soccer cake I made. Deeeelicious!

Singing Happy Birthday!

We had photos taken as well. I mostly wanted shots of the kids, then Brian and I sat in for a couple as well. We have cute kids. 🙂

Allison. 9 months

Adam. 6 years.

Our 2 amazing kiddos!

The whole crew


Thanksgiving was great, of course! I had the day off, so we got to hang out with the family before our delicious meal. Allison thought it was fantastic (so did the rest of us!). She learned to eat table food just in time.

Allison loved her Thanksgiving meal

I feel like December crept up on us! With our new house came a living room with 10 foot ceilings! Even before we bought the house, Brian said, “We could get a pretty tall Christmas tree!” So we did. We also didn’t sacrifice the fatness that we always want. Here’s what we came up with! It’s tall, full, and lovely!

Our gorgeous tree. That's what 2300 lights looks like on a 10 ft tree!

All decorated! Tried out the red ornaments for some color. Loving it!

Our loves.


Christmas is only a couple weeks away! We need to get crackin’ on our shopping! I am so lucky because it is my year to work Christmas, but one of my wonderful co-workers has agreed to work for me so I can hang out with the kiddos and the family! Enjoy your holiday!

I can’t resist one more picture of our kiddos 😉


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