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Obviously, I’m slacking in the blogging department. It has been a whirlwind few months. Ready? Here we go!

A couple days after I wrote the last entry, Brian looked at me and said, “We should move to Eden Prairie!”

Me: Huh? Ok….

So the rest of my maternity leave was spent house hunting. In a nut shell, it was very frustrating! We put in a total of 5 offers before we had a successful purchase! Offer #4 was accepted (we were way outbid on offers 1-3, and we offered over asking!), but it was a round house and too ‘odd’ so no bank would finance the mortgage.

We are thrilled with the house we have! It is on a great cul-de-sac, close to Adam’s school, and there is also a lake with frisbee golf and trails just down the street. I love that everything is 5 minutes away! Target, the mall, restaurants, Caribou…Fantastic! Commutes for both of us are now way shorter and that was the main reason we decided to move. A fun little bonus is we bought the house from former Vikings player Percy Harvin!

Our new home!

We have found a new fun activity: disc golfing! There is a course right by our house. During the summer and fall we were there almost every day. The boys play, and I would carry Allison in the carrier. It’s a great way to be outside and try a new activity!

Adam and Brian disc golfing

Allison and I disc golfing


Adam started playing soccer during the Summer as well. He played outdoor during the Summer, and now he is doing and indoor session. He is also in another session of swimming lessons and doing great!

Adam playing soccer this Summer. He loves it and is pretty good at it!

Adam started Kindergarten in the Fall and he absolutely loves it! His teacher, Ms. Paul, is so wonderful too. He gets to ride the bus every day to and from school and he comes home every day with stories of his day. He is making friends and learning a lot!

Adam's first day of Kindergarten!


Adam's Kindergarten School photo


A couple weeks into the school year, Ms. Paul began selecting a “Student of the Week” each week for being a good listener, leader, and/or friend. Adam was the first student she chose from his class! I am so proud of him! Principal Knorr came to the classroom and presented Adam with a certificate, prize, and shook his hand. I was able to sneak out of work a little early and go to the ceremony to surprise Adam!

Adam was chosen by his teacher as the classroom's first "Student of the Week!" I am one proud Mama!


Halloween was a fun time once again. We weren’t quite sure what to expect in our new neighborhood as far as number of trick-or-treaters. We decided to just leave a bowl of candy on the front step and take the kids out trick-or-treating. We put on about 2.5 miles. I carried Allison in the carrier and Adam walked. He made quite the haul! the kids were just adorable!

Adam as Jake from "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and Allison as a lamb.


Allison is just a couple days shy of being 9 months old. She is a wonderful baby! She moves across the floor with the army crawl. Table food is her new favorite thing and she has graduated from baby food. She loves her brother so much! I love to see her face light up when he enters the room! He feels the same about her. It’s so awesome!

Adam and Allison love each other so much! I love watching them together

She has one tooth. One of her favorite places is in the carrier. She’s pretty much happy doing anything being in there and being out and about. She’s very curious and loves watching whatever action is going on.

Allison is also a great sleeper! She’s been sleeping through the night for several months. She usually takes a morning snooze. If we are out and about, she’ll snooze in her car seat. Then she takes an awesome afternoon nap..usually about 3 hours. She goes to bed between 7:30 & 8, and sleeps for about 12 hours. Sometimes more. She rocks!

Adam turns 6 on November 25th, and Allison will be 9 months on the same day. We are having photos taken tomorrow (the 24th) and we are also having Adam’s first ‘friend’ birthday party. I have every intention of posting a blog about all that, but let’s be honest. It could easily be another 9 months before I write another blog!

Thanks for sticking it out and reading through all of this! Have a great weekend!


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  1. Grandma Tracy Said,

    November 24, 2013 @ 2:10 PM

    What a fun post to wake up to! Great job with the story and the pictures.

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