What a Weekend!!

We had a great weekend!! Brian came home Friday evening after 2 weeks in Iowa! We ordered pizza for dinner and enjoyed all just hanging out together. We also decided it would be a good time to try to transition Adam into a ‘big boy’ bed! We took the railing off his crib and he now has a toddler bed. He thought it was a lot of fun to help Daddy use the screwdriver to take his crib apart. So far, the transition has gone well! He climbs out of bed every now and then, but nothing too terrible.  *KNOCK ON WOOD*

Saturday we hit the Pancake House! It had been a few weeks since we had been there, so it was even tastier than usual! We did some work in the yard and spent more time just hanging out together. Saturday night I went to the So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 Live Tour with my friend from work, Amber. We had a blast! It was an amazing show and the dancers are so incredibly talented! Here are a couple of my favorite dancers, Lauren & Kent

Sunday was Halloween! In the morning we carved Adam’s pumpkin, then we went to Sever’s Corn Maze in Shakopee for a couple hours. They had various activities as well as the huge maze to explore. Adam had fun running around, petting animals, going for a pony ride, and playing in the giant corn pit.

After nap time we watched the Vikings lose (again! bummer!). Then I took Adam out trick or treating while Brian passed out candy at home. Adam had decided he wanted to be a puppy dog and he looked adorable! We only made it to a couple houses and Adam said, “Now we should go home.” I talked him into going to a few more houses, then we went home. He had even more fun helping me hand out candy to the other kids.

Brian had to leave again this morning for Iowa. He’ll be back on Friday cuz I have to work next weekend (DAY shifts!! YAY!!!) I’m working on potty training Adam. This morning was rough. He wasn’t getting it. He went in his pants twice. I finally (after consulting with Shannon) decided to strip off the pants and just have him sit on the potty while watching TV & snacking. He went twice between 11 & 1!! Hopefully we’re on to something.

Big boy bed, and potty training all within a couple days of each other. Hopefully we’re not asking too much of our dude.

Have a great week!

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